I'm a certified feral cat trap,neuter and release person. Most times they can be caught with the have-a-heart style traps. But you run into some that have a respect for that style traps. So a drop box trap is used also it is used for mama and kittens so you can get them all at once around the food dish. Well we have had a street smart feral I call Fast Freddie, he has been living in our yard mostly for two years. He will not go near the other style traps.
The drop box traps cost about $200.00. Neither myself or the cat rescue I help out wants to spend that kind of money for something that may sit for long periods between use.

I first was told to use the small animal cage roll fencing, but the problem is it is to flimsy for adult male ferals, even though they won't be in it long. While going thru the tractor supply web site. I found the hog fence panels. http://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/feedlot-panel-hog-16-ft-l-x-34-in-h?cm_vc=-10005
The 11 line wires (horizontal) are 5 gauge
The stay wires (vertical) are 4 gauge and are spaced 8 in. apart
Main reason in choosing this panel was cost and
This Feedlot Panel won't break down or collapse when cattle, pigs, sheep or other large livestock run into or rub against it.

Since I plan on making this trap a fold flat for storage I plan on using either hog rings or J panel clips pictures later.
Here are the end and side panel with the top, Cut out of one 16'x24" panel with some sections left over.

I placed the left overs on the deck of my tandem axle flat bed. that's when another use came to mind.
http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d200/ptsideshow/Tools/FullSizeRender%20335.jpg They will make great fillers for the trailers side walls, instead of the heavy gauge expanded metal mesh @ $190.00 a sheet last time i bought some, I use the roll flattened kind no sharp edges.
At around $23.00 a panel the hog panels will work and way cheaper. You can use plywood but that has it own set of problems.
The great thing about the feedlot panels is there are two spacing's on each panel of the wire. There is also other heights on panels for what you need. I will add more pic's as it comes together.
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    Tuesday, November 10 2015, 03:30 PM - #permalink
    Good for you, I wish there were more people that would take the time to care for all animals not just the cats and dogs.

    I am a cat person also. Started out when I met the my wife. She had a cat, 23 years later we now have 18. I moved out in the middle of nowhere 12 years ago and they just show up here. So they go to the vet and get fixed and their shots. If they stay Ok if not then at least I know I did my part.

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    Tuesday, November 10 2015, 03:52 PM - #permalink
    We have 4 indoor, and 4 boys out side Daddy who the drop cage is for and his 3 sons who will be getting neutered and shots. Then we will try to finish their conversion to house kitties. Have to finish the room on the second floor of the garage as a holding area.
    Being in the city, people tend to dump them when they move or when they get tired of feeding them etc.:o
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    Thursday, November 12 2015, 11:16 AM - #permalink
    Here are some pic's of hog rings and pliers.
    I use 4 different sizes depending on the size of the wire.
    Dewalt also makes a plier and rings along the staple style that are a glued together string of rings. They work but only for certain things.
    The J-clips and pliers
    This type does take a little practice to learn to do, I found that starting the bend on the flat side also makes it easier to use. I'm sure if you are making a large number of cages it gets easier as you go but for the occasional user they can be a patients tryer.
    "Don't be the deer in the head lights, of the Kenworth of life" Clint Smith

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